First electric Hypercar handcrafted in NEW YORK CITY

Experience the fusion of automotive innovation and exquisite craftmanship

Sikroria Hypercar
Sikroria Hypercar


Who We Are

Sikroria Automotive is the first automotive manufacturer based out of New York City. Our next generation of automotive technologies will shape the future of the alternative mode of transportation



Rapid 0-60

Setting a new speed standard which will significantly outperform current production vehicles


2100+ Horsepower

With a staggering 2100+ horsepower at its disposal, our hypercar unleashes an incredible level of power, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience like no other

High performance battery

Our hypercar maximizes energy efficiency and performance, allowing extended range and quick acceleration


Smart Aerodynamics

Our hypercar incorporates state-of-the-art technology, which optimizes aerodynamics and minimizes drag coefficient, contributing to its record-breaking speed.

Four independant motors

Equipped with four independent electric motors, each wheel is individually powered and controlled, delivering exceptional handling, stability, and precision in every turn with torque vectoring

Ultra Exclusive

Our hypercar  is an exclusive masterpiece limited to 101 models worldwide, ensuring that each one becomes a rare and coveted gem among automotive enthusiasts.

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